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Singing is so personal and so is choosing the right voice teacher. Here is a little about my teaching style but feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions that I haven’t addressed.

All styles are welcome, including Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Musical Theater. Voice lessons begin with a vocal warm up and technique work before moving into repertoire. I am a classically trained opera singer but I started with classic rock, so I really do have a passion for a great variety of singing styles. The most important thing for me is making sure my students know how to sing in a healthy and sustainable way without losing any of their own stylistic flair. I also strive to teach a flexibility of singing that not only allows for singing repertoire of your choosing but also helps you understand your voice enough to try new genres if you so choose.

There really isn’t one specific singing pedagogy that can stand up to all of the rest, so I use a variety of teaching styles. That said, my teaching is highly influenced by The Alexander Technique of Alignment, traditional Bel Canto practices, more contemporary styles such as Speech Level Singing, as well as the combination of several styles of teaching and singing that I have learned in my own study of the voice. It is also important to address the anatomy of the voice and systems of the body that relate to singing. I have taken numerous courses with voice doctors and bodywork specialists to deepen my understanding of the physiology behind singing. The research in the field of singing has made some unbelievable advances in the last decade that make the art of teaching voice more detailed and accurate.

The best part, it works! Students from my studio have performed with The Lamplighters, Pocket Opera, ACT, and other local SF Bay Area companies. Also, my students have been accepted into high level classical and musical theater training programs such as OperaWorks, Summer Music West, and vocal degree programs at the SFSU School of Music & Dance. In addition to their outside singing achievements, students perform regular studio recitals several times per year. Friends and family are welcome to join the audience and we have a delicious pot-luck reception after!

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Degrees and Qualifications
2014 Master of Music in Voice from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music
2010 Bachelor of Music in Voice from San Francisco State University
Over 20 years of singing performance experience
Over 10 years of private yoga, bodywork, holistic health, and nutrition study

What do the student’s think?
“Valuable resource for every advanced singer. Chelsea is an exceptionally gifted teacher and professional vocalist with a comprehensive grasp of vocal mechanics and a supportive, cheerful and enthusiastic personality. Her personal approach to vocal production emphasizes ease, resonance, correct placement, etc. all the things we need to keep in mind to produce effortless, beautiful singing! This is a winning combination, obviously, and very rare to find. I’m delighted to have found her, she’s awesome!”
-Leslie L.

“Chelsea has such a fantastic breadth of knowledge regarding the voice, voice muscles, pitch, tone, everything. I learned more from her in one lesson than 4 yrs of singing in college. Highly recommend.”
-Vyla K.

“After tagging along with my roommate for her voice lesson with Chelsea, I knew I wanted Chelsea to be my teacher because I could hear the improvement in my roommate’s voice from the beginning of the hour and at the end of the hour. Chelsea is incredibly encouraging, which helps a nervous individual like myself to build confidence with my singing. She knows just the right exercises to help you ‘reach’ that high note safely and properly. I will be back soon!!!”
-Crystal P.

“The best music teacher I’ve had since my violin teacher in the USSR. Chelsea is extremely talented as a singer, which gives her a lot of insight into vocal technique. She can hear you sing and tell you exactly what you are doing wrong and how to fix it. Yet she is very encouraging and sweet and really wants you to succeed. A+++++”
-Anna K.

“By instructing me on the mechanics of the voice, she was able to help me visualize what I needed to do in order to achieve certain sounds. I’m a very visual person so this was great for me! She made me feel very safe and comfortable. I left our appointment walking on air – I was so thrilled with all that we had accomplished in only 1 visit! Like I said, I can’t wait to go back!”
-Whitney M.

“I had been curious to try out vocal lessons for some time. Getting over the fear to actually reach out and try was hard enough, but by the time Chelsea gets you going (and I have no experience), I was having so much fun I lost my inhibitions and was able to work with her. Would highly recommend. Very thorough knowledge and able to deliver in a personal, understandable fashion.”
-Josh W.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Chelsea for the last 2 years. Let me say, voice lessons with her has been one of the best investments I’ve made so far. Not only is she easy to work with, but she has an extensive of knowledge of the voice. She knows the repertoire, and knows what is good for your voice, and what is inappropriate, and what is/isn’t healthy for your voice. She helped me developed my own rep. A medication messing with your chords? She’s got a book for that. Performance anxiety? She’s got a book and real lavender for that! The support and encouragement she gives her students is unlike anything I’ve seen in a teacher, and I was able to perform 3 times in one year with her studio alone. If you’re looking for an amazing voice teacher, look no further.”
-Erin S.

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